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Snow Removal

Snow removal is an important aspect of the winter season. Depending on the location, snow can fall anywhere from a few inches to several feet. The expense of clearing snow varies from municipality to municipality and from winter to winter. In Montreal, for example, where the snowfall is 225 cm per year, the city spends $158 million a year on snow removal. Toronto, meanwhile, has a fifty per cent larger population and more road surface, but only receives 125 cm of snow per year.

If a building is not properly cleared of snow, fines can range from $100 to $350. As a general rule, building owners must clear snow from the sidewalks, fire hydrants, and create a four-foot path between sidewalks and sidewalk intersections. In addition, corner properties must make sure that there is a clear path for pedestrians to cross the street. Otherwise, melted snow may form puddles, making it dangerous for pedestrians and drivers.

Snow removal can be a labor intensive task. Traditionally, residents cleared their own streets. The city’s most important streets were cleared first, such as Fifth Avenue and Wall Street. In addition, snow plows were attached to horses, and wagons were used to collect snow from the street. In the late nineteenth century, the city established a separate Department of Street Cleaning.

Depending on the size of the storm, snow removal is usually a multi-phased process. The first phase is planning, and the second phase is execution. If the snowfall is less than two inches, it’s not safe to plough, as the plow may damage the surface. Whether you’re clearing your driveway, sidewalk, or any other area of your property, you should research the snow removal companies in your area. You may want to hire a team that can perform the work better than you can.

Before hiring a snow removal company, make sure you understand the cost structure. You can choose to pay for the service on a per-time or a yearly basis. Full-season contracts are often cheaper than one-time services, but be aware that the price can change. Also, you can request extra services such as salt application, which may increase the overall price.

Snow removal happens twice in a snow storm, with the first pass clearing primary roads while the second pass pushes snow back to the curb, creating enough clearance to plow snow in the subsequent storm. However, the process is time-consuming and requires a crew. If you are driving, you should avoid the area where snow removal operations are underway.

Typically, snow crews clear streets 24 hours after a snowfall. This means that some streets may only be passable with one lane. In these cases, bare pavement can’t be seen. Residents should shovel the snow that is on the property ground before driving on the road. However, if it’s not possible, it may be best to wait until the snow plow has finished clearing the roadway. If the sidewalk or driveway is blocked by snow, you should clear the sidewalk as well.

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