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Sod Installation Service

A professional sod installation service should have a detailed process for installing new sod. It’s important to follow the right steps to prevent maintenance problems later on. This includes applying herbicides, clearing debris, and removing old sod. It also has a strict design policy and should not lay new sod on top of old sod.

Many sod installation services provide up-front pricing for their services. You can request a quote online or over the phone. The biggest factor in pricing will be the size of your yard. Sod is usually sold by the pallet, square foot, or roll. Additional costs will include delivery and labor. Sod installation costs can add up quickly.

The cost of sod installation varies widely, depending on the region. For example, in Las Vegas, sod installation can cost $3.42 per square foot. In other areas, the cost may range from $3.10 to $3.25 per square yard. This cost does not include ground preparation work and grading. In some cases, the sod installer will charge an additional fee for removing old materials and hauling the sod to the job site.

When it comes to sod installation, it is important to choose the right kind for your area. Sod is grass seed planted on a thin layer of soil. Professional sod installation companies will take care to select the right type of sod for your needs. They use best practices to make sure that sod takes root in the ground.

Sod installation services use modern equipment to lay sod. If the area isn’t leveled, the sod will not lay properly. Sod installation services will grade the area to ensure proper drainage and runoff. They also use top soil to level out certain areas. Once the sod is laid, you can enjoy your beautiful new lawn in just a few days.

Sod should be laid on four to six inches of nutrient-rich dirt. It should also be lightly tamped down. Sod does not grow well on hard packed dirt or over existing grass. Also, it doesn’t grow well in areas with lots of rocks. If you want to be certain that the sod you purchase will last for a long time, it’s important to fertilize the soil first. Insecticide should also be added.

The best sod installation service will be able to provide top-quality sod. Their professionals will also use premium organic soil for the best results. If you’re worried about soil quality, you can purchase a soil testing kit for about $20 from home improvement stores or online retailers. Or you can visit your local agricultural cooperative extension office for a free soil test. Soil engineers are knowledgeable enough to provide recommendations on adding nutrients and avoiding problems later.

Laying sod is more expensive than growing a lawn from seed. However, a newly planted lawn will be ready in about four to five weeks, whereas a lawn that’s grown from seed will take months to take shape.

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