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Selecting a Publisher

If you went through the trouble of writing a book, you should also go through the trouble of finding the best publisher for it. You should give some thought to your alternatives before settling on a publisher for your book, whether you want to self-publish or submit it to a small press. While searching for a publisher, keep these factors in mind.

The contract should be properly read. If you have any doubts about the arrangement at all, you should have a lawyer look it over. Pay attention to the rights, fees, and costs (if any). What rights do you still have in your creations? What legal recourse does the publisher exercise? How many books do you purchase for both personal usage and review purposes? Do authors offer deals if you need more? How often do you get royalties?

Or, the books are printed “as is,” without being edited or checked for mistakes. Do you charge extra for editing and proofreading? Who does the editing if help with editing is given? What background do they possess? One way to evaluate an editor’s work is to examine works by different authors published by the same house. You can think about utilizing the editing service or hiring a freelance editor to proofread your work for you before publication if the publisher has an open submissions policy but does not provide editing. A writer who doesn’t need any editing at all is very unusual.

Promotional Advantages Does the publication give its writers publicity? Does it make media contacts for you? Are any of the money you spent on advertising going to be paid back? Does it have a live chat feature on its website? Is there a mailing list or media contacts section where you may advertise your book? What is done with review copies? How does the publisher present its newest books? When working with a subsidised publisher, you may be able to sign a “publish only” deal, which means that you are responsible for all marketing and promotion. This strategy is OK, but make sure you are aware of the organization’s rules to avoid disappointment.

How Much the Book. How much do you plan to charge for your book when it comes out? How much would customers have to spend to get their hands on your novel? How does the price stack up against similar titles at major retailers? Do you think it’s too much? If the publisher has existing arrangements with retailers, would your book’s price vary depending on where you buy it (their store or an online retailer)? If you self-publish, do you get to choose your own prices? The marketing approach used by the publishing house. Is there a bookshop on the site? Where can this be found? How busy is it generally speaking? Is there a bestsellers list for it?

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